Sally Kim @CrushedTonic interviews Diana Seo

Sally Kim @CrushedTonic interviews Diana Seo

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sally Kim @CrushedTonic.

Here are some tips:

1) Skincare Tips:

Dull, dry, dehydrated sagging skin can be contributed from a variety of reasons. The most common reason is that your skin is not hydrated to a proper level. Then there's exposure to the harmful UVA/B rays, imbalance of hormones,  genetic reasons, stress, clogged pores filled with dirt and oil, poor diet & more.

The optimal solution to aging skin is prevention! Here are some ways to help get back your glow for the new year.

A)Always stay hydrated by drinking more water (lemon water w some parsley is the new trend- more alkaline based)

B)Eat more fresh fruits (ie apples,oranges, pears) and veggies (mostly greens). 

C)Get your Beauty Rest! (SLEEP is important, but proper, quality deep sleep is better- min 7-8 hrs a night) 

D)Stay active! Commit to your consistent workout, walk or jog everyday if possible. Good circulation leads to good blood flow which leads to more nutrients in your skin!

E)Use serums that contain collagen, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts to keep the water retention rate high so it's harder for dirt and oil to clog the pores. Then use a Vit C soluble moisturizer to protect the skin and its barrier from the UV rays and pollutants. The double layer helps the skin stay hydrated all day (double or triple layer if you can- we need 12 hrs of protection but who has the time to reapply during the day?)

F)Use a gentle cleanser every night, scrub twice a week with a good hydrating mask, no need to over wash.  (key word is balance!)

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