Working Her Magic In The Skincare Arena

Working Her Magic In The Skincare Arena

Although A-list celebrities do pop in for a pick-me up— Tilda Swinton and Stephanie Seymour Brandt among them—the balance of the clientele from soignée socialites to celebrated TV actresses, Diana Seo

prefers to keep as quiet as her Park Avenue treatment room. With a science degree in Biophysics and a minor in chemistry, the lovely Korean-American Diana is far from your typical medical aesthetician. Highly educated, supremely skillful, she treats the elite in her exclusive and technologically-advanced practice, Collagen Bar, ( Discover her in the offices of esteemed plastic surgeons in New York City, Westchester and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Though Diana is incredibly dedicated today, she spent her youth being far less conscientious about her lifestyle and her skin. It took a personal shake-up in her twenties, the illness of her beloved Grandfather, to turn her attention to total wellness and holistic care of face, body and mind. Her holistic approach stems from her commitment to Ayurvedic therapies, yoga, acupressure and reflexology. She firmly practices and preaches that balance is the key to a healthy life as she herself balances both Eastern and Western teachings.

Serene, glowing herself with poise and inner beauty not to mention radiant, ivory skin, she graduated with advanced training from the Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics and received the ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) certification, part of the new standard in aesthetics, recognized in over 39 countries. She has spent the past eight years working closely with prestigious plastic surgeons (and doctors in related fields) to augment their practices with the most effective and innovative, Collagen-based facials available today.

Nourishing With Balance and Beauty

“My motto is ‘I would rather prevent than cure.’ My goal is to ‘Nourish Your Body with Balance & Beauty,’” Diana says. With such ideals, it is a given that she would develop a skincare program all her own, designed to deliver exceptional results. “Our approach at Collagen Bar is unique because of our special combination of restorative ingredients curated from nature and blended with FDA-approved proprietary technologies delivered through our customized non-invasive techniques.”

Diana’s signature treatments for face and neck include DEP Collagen Infusion, Forma and Body FX Radiofrequency by


Diana Seo @ COLLAGEN BAR continued

Inmode. The result: Clients feel revived and invigorated and instantly notice a reduction in lines and wrinkles, smoother skin, improved elasticity, re-sculpted tissue (a lifted effect) and a longer lasting youthful appearance. That crepy skin that arrives with age vanishes; a plumped, youthful visage emerges.

Beauty and Aging: Today’s Prescription,
Tomorrow’s Cure
Diana Seo would welcome a future where she could train others at different locations around the country to provide the highly- personalized treatments she offers at prestigious medical offices. But for now, she is a celebrity in this esthetics arena, sought after by many and juggling increasing demand.

We asked Diana to share her perspective on beauty and aging today...Is there truth in a wrinkled face? Is society’s pressure to look youthful unrealistic? Is the motivation to look younger coming from one’s own psyche vs. the conventions of others?

“We are living longer these days,” Diana observes, “so it’s only natural that people want to stay looking younger. And I do see this as pressure men and women put on themselves—as well as acceptance from society. But we can all age gracefully. There’s always a time and place for things such as injections and plastic surgery, the new standards in self-maintenance. I’m not against these options but you wouldn’t jump in the ocean without learning how to swim and educating yourself a little.”

“My motto is ‘I would rather prevent than cure.’ My goal is to ‘Nourish Your Body with Balance & Beauty,’” Diana says

With that Diana trademark of quiet but definitive enthusiasm, a burst of wonderfully engaging energy emerges as she exclaims: “Yes! There’s truth in a wrinkled face. Embrace your age. No one should in their 40s or 50s look like they are trying to recapture their 20s with too much surgery or an over-supply of injectables. Come see us at The Collagen Bar, we have the technology and the non-invasive treatments to reduce those dreaded lines and wrinkles and tighten too! We are able to get these results without damaging the skin or making the complexion overly sensitive.”

Aging gracefully is definitely on Diana’s agenda. How does this newly-married beauty manage to look blissful and wrinkle-free? Her secrets are actually basic: “Eating well, staying active, keeping a positive attitude in life. (Stress is one of the biggest aging factors). Nourishing the mind is very important,” she states.

But add to the recipe, staying hydrated with water and layering a replenishing serum night and day with a powerful moisturizer. Her recommendation, don’t skimp on the skincare. “Investing in good ingredients after the age of 30 is ideal—and important. Then it is all maintenance from there: just like going to the gym, we need to take care of our skin. We only have one face. Nurture it. Don’t starve or dehydrate it.”


  • Always stay hydrated by drinking more water (lemon water with parsley is the new trend—effective as it is alkaline-based)
  • Eat more fresh fruits (i.e. apples, oranges, pears) and vegetables (mostly greens).
  • Get your Beauty Rest! SLEEP is important, but proper, quality deep sleep is better—minimum 7-8 hours a night
  • Stay active! Commit to your consistent workout, walk or jog everyday if possible. Good circulation leads to good blood flow, which leads to more nutrients in your skin!
  • Use serums that contain collagen, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts to keep the water retention rate high so it’s harder for dirt and oil to clog the pores. Then use a Vitamin C-soluble moisturizer to protect the skin and serve as a barrier from the UV rays and pollutants. The double layer helps the skin stay hydrated all day (double or triple Layer if you can—we need 12 hours of protection but who has the time to reapply serums and moisturizers during the day?)
  • Use a gentle cleanser every night, scrub twice a week with a good hydrating mask, no need to over wash. The key word is balance!

Diana’s Way—Prevention Is The Path

Dull, dry sagging skin can be caused by a variety of concerns: The most common is skin not hydrated to a proper level. When your skin is dehydrated and the worse off for being parched, it’s obviously not looking its best. Wrinkles are more apparent and the skin’s surface is not plumped or youthful looking.

Diana reminds us that we are the ones damaging our skin, the ravages of time accelerate when we do not pay attention to environmental and biological factors such as exposure to the harmful UVA/B rays, hormone imbalances, genetics—premature aging, stress, clogged pores filled with dirt and oil, poor diet and, she says, the list goes on.

But there’s hope. Thankfully Diana reminds us the optimal solution to aging skin is prevention! Her suggestions to help get you get your glow on especially as the seasons change...

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