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Collagen Bar NYC

CB Lift Session ($2,280 value | Save $300)

CB Lift Session ($2,280 value | Save $300)

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Feel lifted and radiant with a 2 hour session of CB Lift, which contains the following treatments in one session: CO2Lift Pro + Morpheus Microneedling + Biomimetic Protein Exosome Therapy 

CO2Lift Pro is our strongest formulation of carboxytherapy. The absorption of CO2 leads to a deficiency of oxygen beneath the skin causing the body to supply more oxygen to the area, leading to an increase of cell division and cell activation. This oxygen-rich blood supplies nutrients and immunoregulatory substances to the cells. (This is applied to the skin during numbing).

Then we go into Morpheus Microneedling

Morpheus8 technology is the most advanced fractional radiofrequency microneedling skin treatment of its class, penetrating deep below the skin's surface to restore collagen production. Helps to lift, tighten and smooth the texture of skin in either face, neck or body. This is a game changer in which we achieve the most radiant complexion that glows from the inside out.

Lastly, the Biomimetic regenerative skin therapy is applied on the skin. It works instantly to stimulate natural collagen production, particularly indicated for the deep restoration of the skin that’s perfectly pH balanced which facilitates superior penetration of the collagen peptides into the epidermis. There is immediate repair and perfect hydration of the skin.


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